APOCABOX is a subscription based survival box.  Every other month, a hand-selected collection of survival tools, information and gear is packed and shipped direct to your doorstep.  The subscription charge is $50 per APOCABOX + $8.95 shipping.  Your APOCABOX is guaranteed to be a good deal – regularly with a retail value of $100 or more.  Our strategic partnerships with vendors and our subscription based buying power means you get a bigger BANG for your BUCK.

We HATE contracts so there are no contracts with APOCABOX – you can cancel at any time.  We also offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.  If you receive your APOCABOX and aren’t happy then simply send it back and we will refund your money no questions asked.

Yes!  You can give APOCABOX as a gift to that special survival-minded person in your life!



before our box limit is reached!

Due to overwhelming demand from PRESS features WE HAVE TO LIMIT the number of subscribers for the upcoming box.  LOCK in your subscription today!
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Blackout Edition. Coming August 2016.

“Do not go gentle into that good night…”  – Dylan Thomas

You do not want to miss August’s special BLACKOUT EDITION APOCABOX.  This special edition box ships to all subscribers who are subscribed for the August box.  It’s an APOCABOX like no other we’ve ever done.  Expect something very different.  You might even black out it’s so cool.


before our box limit is reached!

We have a limited inventory of AUGUST Blackout Edition boxes and we WILL SELL OUT – put in your subscription today to guarantee a box!

Survival Products To Your Doorstep




No APOCABOX would be complete without cool survival gadgets.  Every box is completely different!  We’re working with vendors from all over the world to bring you the latest and greatest survival tools!



Knowledge weighs nothing.  We will always include at least one product to help expand your survival knowledge base. From wild edible guides to new autographed survival books – who knows what you’ll get next!



At least one hand-crafted survival themed item will be included in every APOCABOX.  Survival enthusiasts all over the world create amazing hand-crafted survival products that we’ll be bringing direct to your doorstep!



From Every Day Carry (EDC) gadgets to wool watch caps, no survival tool chest is complete without a variety of functional survival themed accessories.  Handpicked by Creek, these will not disappoint.


APOCABOX Skills Challenge

Every APOCABOX shipment includes a SURVIVAL SKILLS CHALLENGE.  This challenge is designed to teach you a specific survival skill.  Gear is important but you should always be developing your survival skills as well.  This challenge is designed by Creek and will include a password protected video tutorial.

NEXT SHIPMENT: August 15th, 2016 (Order BEFORE August 1st).

How it works

The Details


SUBSCRIBE to APOCABOX for $58.95 every 2 months.  Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of every shipment month (Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct,Dec).  There are no contracts and you can cancel your subscription at any time by just sending an email to unsubscribe@myapocabox.com or logging into your subscription dashboard.  We also have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Ship Dates

We’ll ship your APOCABOX every other month on February 15, April 15, June 15, August 15, October 15 & December 15.  Orders must be placed before the 1st of the shipment month in order to make that shipment deadline.  Any orders placed after the 1st of the shipment month will be in queue for the following shipment date.

Share with your friends

Share APOCABOX on social media with photos and unboxing videos.  Share your experience with the APOCABOX SKILLS CHALLENGE.  Be sure to use #APOCABOX so that other APOCABOX subscribers can find you!  The larger the APOCABOX community gets the more buying power we have and the better deals we can get for you!

We're here to help

Contact us anytime with questions about your subscription.  We’re here to provide you with amazing survival products at an apocalyptic value.  We want you to be thrilled with your APOCABOX subscription and look forward to the next box in the mail.  Send us your WISH LIST items so that we can make APOCABOX even better!

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What are our customers saying?

TRUST 1000's of Happy Subscribers!

Since APOCABOX launched in August of 2014, social media platforms have been flooded with praises and box reviews!  From sharing completed skills challenges to filming live unboxings, our best marketing has been from our HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

You’ll find countless YOUTUBE reviews of past boxes and Survival Skills Challenges when you search APOCABOX.  For example, check out Jake’s video where he reviews a recent box!

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FACEBOOK:  http://www.facebook.com/APOCABOX



CANADA: $50 US + $25 US shipping. OTHER COUNTRIES: $50 US + $35 US shipping.



Effective December 2015, all INTERNATIONAL customers will be charged in US DOLLARS. CANADA will be $50 + $25 shipping. All other INTERNATIONAL countries will be $50 + $35 shipping. Your banks will automatically convert US DOLLARS to your currency so keep this in mind when ordering.

Your Personal Survival Instructor

Meet Creek Stewart

Creek Stewart

Founder & Survival Instructor

Hello!  I’m Creek.  I founded Willow Haven Outdoor, a leading survival skills training facility and have been teaching survival skills for the past 16 years.  I’m also the host of The Weather Channel’s new hit survival show, FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS.  I work extremely hard to make sure that you are thrilled with every single item in your APOCABOX.  It’s my goal to offer you a very unique selection of survival products.  I love hand crafted goods so I we be including including at least one hand crafted item in every box.  I’m also a self professed gear junkie so no APOCABOX is complete without at least one really cool new survival tool.  I believe Every Day Carry items are important as well so I will include new and exciting EDC kit items to keep on your person and to pack in small survival kits.  Information is critical to survival so I will be working with publishers and authors to include new autographed survival books (and other cool resources) to help expand your survival knowledge base. As a survival instructor, I believe that learning survival skills is even more important than owning survival gear and I’m passionate about teaching these skills.  I’m including an APOCOBOX SKILLS CHALLENGE in every single APOCABOX.  It is my goal that these APOCOBOX SKILLS CHALLENGES will make you a more skilled survivalist if the time ever comes when your skills are tested.  These challenges are at-home exercises with training tips enclosed, and often an exclusive link to a password protected training video. I look forward to training with you and can’t wait for you to get your next APOCABOX!  Share your APOCABOX experience on INSTAGRAM with #APOCABOX.




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The shredded newspaper packing in your APOCABOX makes amazing fire tinder – don’t throw it away!





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