APOCABOX 5-Week Survival Skills Course

Week # 1: Paiute Deadfall Trap

The Paiute Deadfall is one of the most effective traps I’ve ever used. It is designed for small game such as rats, squirrel, chipmunks, and ground squirrels.  With roots in the American Southwest, it is one of the simplest traps to construct and utilizes only a few sticks and a short 12-inch piece of twine.

Enclosed in your 5-Week Skills Kit package is a Paiute Deadfall kit that contains one fully hand-carved Paiute Deadfall Trap and blank wooden pieces to carve your own. Used the finished carved pieces as templates to carve a new set.

Below is a tutorial from Creek detailing how to set the trap. This trap can be learned indoors using something as simple as a book or laundry basket.

NEXT LEVEL TRAINING: Once you’ve carved your own Paiute Deadfall Kit using the provided materials, take your skills to the next level by harvesting your own natural materials to build a functional kit!

Week # 2: Bottle Bottom Knapping Kit (Plus Bonus Flint Knife)

Using what you have to get what you need is at the core of the “Survival Mentality.” Glass bottles are one of the most common urban trash items in the world, and they can often found in remote wilderness areas, too. For a lost survivor, someone else’s trash can truly be life-saving gold.

Not only can glass bottles be used to boil and store water, but the bottoms can be knapped into very functional cutting blades and even arrow or spear points.

A very worthwhile project is converting a glass bottle bottom into a primitive-style cutting blade. Enclosed in your 5-Week Skills Kit package is a Bottle Bottom Knapping kit with all of the materials and instructions you need to start learning this very unique skill. Glass is a very good medium for beginning knappers to work with because of the smooth, consistent texture. Be sure to wear safety glasses!

BONUS SKILL: Included in this kit are materials and instructions for making a flint/stone cutting tool. This is a fantastic primitive-style knife that would have been used before the existence metal blades. Using the skills learned from this kit, you’ll soon be knapping your own stone tools!

Week # 3: Bone Hook & Gorge Kit

Almost all primitive cultures were masters at fishing. Their ingenuity and creativity using the most basic of natural materials to put food on the table is a marvel, to say the least. Creek first saw this style of bone/wood fish hook in a museum while on vacation in Alaska. He was enamored with its simplicity and artful design. The natural elements are included in this kit for you to make your own at home. The kit includes materials to make a bone sliver fishing hook, as well as a bone sliver fishing gorge. BE SURE TO WATCH the teaching video that Creek filmed exclusively for this skill below.

Week # 4: Pine Pitch Glue Kit

The ability to make Pine Pitch Glue in the wild is one of the most important survival skills you can master.  This exclusive APOCABOX/CREEK Kit is one-of-a-kind and has been developed to teach the fundamentals of making pine pitch glue.  It contains everything you need to make nature's perfect epoxy right in the comfort of your own home or back yard camp.  Once the included materials are utilized, you'll be able to source everything you need from the wild and make pine pitch glue in the field.

Pine pitch glue was used by primitive cultures to haft arrowheads and spears, secure fishing tackle, seal and waterproof containers, for torches, and to seal birch bark canoes.  Once made, it will last indefinitely. 

The kit includes pine resin, charcoal, beeswax, two wooden sticks and a tin for cooking/storing the finished glue.  Full instructions and illustrations are included.

NEXT LEVEL TRAINING: Be sure to watch the video below where Creek harvests pine resin from the wild and uses it with charcoal from the fireplace to make a “Pitch Stick”.

Week # 5: Bark Cup Kit


Use the Bark Cup Kit to master the methodology behind the iconic Appalachian Bark Basket! Creek used this exact skill set to make the large Tulip Poplar Bark Basket shown in the photo above.

The Bark Cup Kit contains everything you need to understand and master the principles behind constructing one of nature’s most robust and durable containers. From small cups and berry picking baskets to large harvest containers and pack baskets, this is a skill worth it’s weight in gold.

!! BONUS KIT!! : Build Your Own FIRE PISTON Kit

The Build Your Own Fire Piston Kit is truly an APOCABOX Exclusive kit. Use this kit to not only make your Fire Piston Fire Starter, but also master how to make a fire using one of the coolest fire starting techniques on the planet!

This kit includes all of the parts, pieces, and instructions necessary to build your Fire Piston right at home. Once you get the Fire Piston built, be sure to watch Creek’s exclusive video below showing you exactly how to use it to start a fire!