October 2017

October 2017


Whether for fun or for survival, cooking at camp can be a challenge without the right tools.  This box is designed to provide some key pieces of cooking kit that can make a huge difference when preparing meals in the wild (or even your back yard)!  ENJOY!

October 2017 List of Contents

5-Liter   APOCA-DRY  BAG

Keeping your foodstuffs free from moisture can be a battle when you’re out in the wild. It’s a preservative measure that not everyone takes into consideration, but it’s one that can keep your important food resources from spoiling. We had such a positive response over the dry bags from June’s Hydro Box that we decided to go bigger on another item in this bag! We increased the size and changed the look on this APOCA-DRY bag to suit your food waterproofing needs in the field. The addition of the clear-view window allows you to see exactly what’s inside!  Of course, you can use it for whatever you need, because your creativity is the limit here!

Stainless  PACK  GRILL

No camp cooking kit is complete without a durable, compact, pack grill.  The functionality of this piece of cooking kit is only appreciated by those who have struggled to grill over the open flame using improvised or inferior methods.  This grill is custom made for APOCABOX and is designed to last a lifetime of hard use.  It fills a void in urban survival, wilderness survival and recreational camping/hiking.  I originally designed this grill to be 12”x12” for the standard size APOCABOX.  However, after extensive testing, I upgraded this grill at the last minute to include the handles (hence the large shipping bag this month instead of the usual box).  While the handles definitely increase the size (and weight a bit), they make the grill much more functional.  My favorite way to use it is suspended over coals using two rocks or two logs.


Being able to properly and effectively cook wild game and wild finds is absolutely essential to survival. The Campcraft Breakdown Tripod is something you will love to have with you on your next outdoor adventure. Lightweight and packable, this tripod is easy to assemble and quick to breakdown for moving between camps on tough hikes. It has an adjustable chain that allows you to hang your pot for stew or boiling water in perfect proximity to your fire every time.  You can even hang a pot of coffee overhead, while grilling, to keep your beverage nice and toasty for the cold days and nights in the wild!


Chicory root is an incredible natural resource. Featured in my Pocket Field Guide titled Wilderness Survival Drinks: Teas, Coffees, Nectars and Saps, chicory makes a wonderful, aromatic addition to coffee by cutting some of the bitterness and making for a smoother, full-bodied beverage. Chicory is rich in natural, soluble fiber promoting digestive health. It has also been used for ages as a liver cleanser. Studies have shown that Chicory actually has a calming, soothing effect and has been scientifically proven to reduce the heart rate, thus counteracting caffeine when blended with coffees or teas (source: www.chicoryusa.com). The best thing about chicory is that you can find it everywhere (naturally in plant form or at the store)! I hope you enjoy this treat as much as I do!  Prepare just as you would coffee.


The enclosed Whiskey Scoop, designed exclusively for APOCABOX subscribers, is truly one of the most unique edged tools we have ever collaborated in producing.  It will allow you to carve pretty much any type of cup, bowl, spoon or ladle that you can imagine and is an incredibly robust and durable wood-working tool.

The handle of the Whiskey Scoop is made from upcycled white oak whiskey barrels and the blade itself is made from high carbon steel.  It is fitted with a custom Kydex sheath.  This product is hand-made in Kentucky, USA by the artisans and blacksmiths at Reptile Toolworks.

BE CAREFUL.  The Whiskey Scoop is extremely sharp.  NEVER carve with this gouge tool toward any part of your body (or anyone else for that matter).  Please see the video link below for carving best practices.

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