October 2015

October 2015

From trapping to wild foods cooking, this box has it all!  This box is also loaded with artisan made goods, such as the hand-made Bushcraft Fire Kit and the hand-woven paracord rifle sling.  The Figure 4 Deadfall Kit included in this month’s box is hand carved by wood carvers in Kentucky.  The bandana is a one-of-a-kind APOCABOX exclusive and Stacy Harris even personally autographed everyone’s Wild Game Cookbooks.  The Fall Harvest is here and it all starts with THIS BOX!

October 2015 List of Contents

Stacy Harris COOKBOOK: $25

Stacy Harris is a personal friend of mine and also an amazing wild food chef and sustainable living rock star. She is the author of numerous wild game cook books and I’ve included one in this month’s APOCABOX. She has even been so generous to hand sign your copy. Whether you actively hunt and forage or not, I’m sure you will enjoy the full color recipes and tips for preparing wild meat and garden vegetables. Eating at Stacy’s dinner table is on my personal Bucket List. For now, I’ll settle with keeping my own copy of her cookbook in the kitchen where I can just pretend that my cooking looks (and tastes) like hers. Check out other recipes of hers at http://www.gameandgarden.com


This POO HITS THE FAN velcro patch is an APOCABOX original. Slap it on your favorite pack or jacket for all to see.


This paracord sling is woven from 65 feet of 280 pound test black paracord. It is adjustable and also comes with swivel mounts attached. It makes a great rifle sling but can also be used as a sling for almost anything by mounting sling studs to the item. I had a friend attach sling studs to his walking stick so that he could attach this sling to it. I have a paracord sling attached to each of my hunting rifles. It’s a really smart way to carry extra paracord in the field. Post pics on INSTAGRAM using #APOCABOX with how you decide to use this sling!


Enclosed in your box is a hand-carved Figure 4 Deadfall kit with instructions how to carve your own and also how to set it. See Skills Challenge below. AN APOCABOX EXCLUSIVE!!!


You know how I like my bandanas so I couldn’t resist printing a custom one this month with the Figure 4 Deadfall Instructions. Not only is it a functional 100% cotton bandana but when you have it, you’ll never forget how to carve and set the Figure 4 Deadfall!

Don’t miss December’s Box! The December Box will include the 1st of a 4 part survival blade series called the Aboriginal Wood Shop. If you like survival blades then you DO NOT want to miss this box! The Aboriginal Wood Tools are all hand forged survival woodworking tools – with these 4 blades you can complete pretty much any woodworking project imaginable; including building bows, arrows, kayaks, camp furniture and more!



I have to admit, I’ve been pretty excited for you to get this Bushcraft Fire Kit. It’s one of your hand-made items this month. I’ve started to fill your kit with a few fire items but your job is to really make it your own and add in some personal favorite fire tools. Though it appears to be leather, I opted for a synthetic material which will repel moisture and water better in the field. The circular design with drawcord perimeter makes for a very unique bushcraft fire kit. Inside you’ll find the following items (some of my personal favorites):
1) Two rolls of WOOD WOOL. This is basically compacted wood shavings that has been infused with paraffin wax. These are great all-weather fire starters when dry tinder is hard to find.
2) Eight cotton tinder tabs. These cotton ‘bullets’ have been infused with a flame extender and will burn for several minutes each. They will ignite with just the spark from a ferro rod.
3) Two FERRO ROD Toggles. These ferro rod toggles can be scraped with a metal scraper (back of a knife works well) to produce a shower of molten metal sparks. You can use them in all kinds of ways. They make a great necklace charm. They can be threaded onto hiking boot laces and used as a back up fire start. You can also replace the toggle on your fire kit with one. I’m sure you’ll find some creative places to put them. When you do, post a photo on INSTAGRAM using #APOCABOX to share with the rest of us.


For all you coffee drinkers, I think I just found your new favorite Bug Out Food Item. The CoffeeBar is an all-natural energy bar infused with a full cup of fair-trade coffee. Each bar is 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free! If you decide you want more at newgroundfoods.com, use the code “apocabox” for FREE shipping.

Adhesive Wound CLOSURES (3 packs): $3

These are a great addition to any BOB First Aid Kit (FAK). They are comfortable adhesive strips used to secure, close and support small cuts and wounds. They stay firmly in place, allowing the skin to breathe as the wound heals. They are excellent suture alternatives. Wound closure strips may also be used to support skin sutures and staples or after their removal, for wound support.

Step 1: Clean and dry the skin at least 3 inches around the wound
Step 2: Grasp the tabs on the wound closure pack and peel it back. Remove the card of strips
Step 3: At 1/8 inch intervals, apply additional closures
Step 4: More closures may be applied 1/2 inch from the ends of the original strips and parallel to the wound


Carve & Set Your Own Figure 4 Deadfall Trap

The Figure 4 Deadfall is probably the most well known survival trap. It is certainly in every single survival book I’ve ever seen. I’m always surprised, though, with how many people have seen it and heard of it but never carved and set their own. This skills challenge is to carve and set your own Figure 4 Deadfall. Your F4D Kit includes one handcarved set that’s ready to use and also three blank sticks of pine so that you can carve your own. Simply use the precarved pieces as templates to make your own set.

* NOTE: Primitive traps are illegal and can only be used in a survival scenario only.

Skills challenge video link and template downloads:  SORRY – for APOCABOX Subscribers ONLY!



Check out this month’s UNBOXING video by BUDGET BUG OUT!