October 2014

October 2014

Don’t let the size of the items in this box fool you – they are small but mighty!  This box contains a variety of products across several survival platforms; primitive, modern, urban and evasion.

I searched long and hard to find unique, rare and never seen before products for this box that are not only cool but incredibly useful.  Hopefully, these new items will become staples in your kits.

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October 2014 List of Contents

Fire  Keeper : $12

No Bug Out Bag is complete without a disposable lighter.  Finding it is another story all together!  This handmade “FIRE KEEPER” by Life & Limb Tactical is the perfect solution to never losing your disposable lighter again.  Quickly secure the FIRE KEEPER with the attached paracord lanyard so that it’s always easy to grab.  The custom molded kydex sheath is durable, protective and won’t let go even in extreme conditions.

550  FIRE  CORD : $13

550 Fire Cord is a brand new survival product and I’m excited to include it in this month’s box.  Simply deploy your 550 FireCord to meet all of your parachute cord needs.  When you need the fire tinder, remove the inner strands, and use the unique tinder strand to build your fire.  The outer shell can be reused for lanyards, keychains, zipper pulls, or emergency lashings.  The inner ‘fire cord’ can be ignited with just the sparks from a ferro rod.  Use FIRE CORD as zipper pulls on jackets and backpacks to always have fire tinder within reach.  It’s also WATERPROOF!


You hear the word natural thrown around a lot these days, but Olympia Granola is made with truly natural ingredients you can actually recognize. Founded by a family business in the Olympic Mountain region, they’ve stayed true to the original recipes…so it’s made with just the good stuff. They’ve also included a 15% discount code exclusively for APOCABOX subscribers!


If you’ve watched the survival show I host on The Weather Channel called FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS then you already know that the show opens with the motto: SURVIVAL IS SIMPLE.  JUST DON’T DIE.  I thought a patch for your favorite jacket or survival pack is appropriate.  You can sew it on or heat-seal it using a home iron on COTTON setting for 30-60 seconds.  Heat-seal on cotton only.


This unique piece of Every Day Carry (EDC) gear is a handcuff key that utilizes an integrated clip for easy attachment to your clothing so it is ready when needed.  Its minimal, low-profile design and low-visibility coating ensure that it can be carried inconspicuously and go undetected. Designed to fit all standard “peerless” style handcuffs.  It is meant to be part of your everyday carry so it is there when you need it.  Attach it where you can easily access it when cuffed: jeans belt loop, pants pocket, shirt tag, socks or even on the inside of your pants or underwear waistband.  This product is to only be used to counter illegal detainment and in accordance with all local, state and federal laws.  Improper use by civilians is not endorsed or encouraged. Use of the product is at your own personal risk and discretion.


These sweet little razor knives are made right here in the USA. They’re the perfect size for a mini-tin survival kit or Last Ditch Pocket Kit. They also make excellent small game field dressing blades. It’s small but mighty!

BUG OUT BAND : $19.95

Keeping copies of important documents such as insurance paperwork, medical records and account numbers in your Bug Out Bag is recommended just in case sudden evacuation from your home becomes necessary. Many, including myself, keep this information on a thumb drive for convenience and as a digital back-up. I have always been a little uncomfortable with keeping this type of sensitive information in my Bug Out Bag just in case it were ever to be lost or stolen. Consequently, I developed the Bug Out Band. This is a 1 GIG USB Bracelet meant be worn in the event of a Bug Out. I keep mine with my Bug Out Bag in the house and will then slap it on when necessary. With the Bug Out Band, your sensitive information and important documents are always with you.


I’m a huge fan of understanding how to harness the power of the sun to start fire in a survival scenario. This is a very unique little solar fire starting gadget. Best used with punky wood or charcloth, this parabolic lens focuses the suns rays into the small coiled tinder pocket to create a smoldering ember. This tool is also part of this month’s SURVIVAL SKILLS CHALLENGE.

NOTE: Included with this item is an APOCABOX logo bag with 3 small lengths of Jute Twine and some dried Punky Wood. These items are to assist with the SURVIVAL SKILLS CHALLENGE.


I couldn’t very well mail an October Survival Box without including something ghoulish. This Zombie Tinder is not only freaky, it’s effective. It’s 100% Water Proof, Never Expires, Unaffected By Altitude, Can Light Wet Wood, Can Be Lit With A Spark, Has a Long Burn Time, Is Non-toxic, and Burns At Over 1,600 ºF. The tin can also be used to make char cloth or signal for rescue by reflecting the suns rays. Zombie Tinder is also hand made right here in the USA.


Sergei Boutenko is one of my favorite Wild Edible Plant Enthusiasts. He created this unique deck of playing cards which allows you to play your favorite card games and at the same time learn about common edible plants of North America. In addition to vivid photos, thorough descriptions and nutritional highlights, this deck also includes common sense guidelines for safe and happy foraging. All the wild edible information within this package is tried and true and has been tested extensively by Sergei himself. He has also autographed your deck to make it truly one of a kind – exclusively for APOCABOX subscribers.


Manufactured in South Carolina by one of the few remaining textile mills with production facilities in the US, this 100% cotton bandanna will serve you well in the field with multifunctional survival uses. The pattern harkens to the rich primitive history in the American Southwest.



Harnessing the power of the sun to start a fire in a survival scenario is a very important survival skill.  In this skills challenge I teach how to use a PARABOLIC Solar Lens with natural tinder to start a fire. This is a skill best taught by video so I have filmed a short video tutorial exclusively for APOCABOX subscribers. Share your SKILLS CHALLENGE on INSTAGRAM using #APOCABOX. Our web-site has a live Instagram feed so that you can see what others are doing as well. VIDEO LINK:  For APOCABOX subscribers only.



Check out BLACK SCOUT SURVIVAL’s video review of this months APOCABOX!  Thanks JACK!