June 2015

June 2015

The Treasure Hunt Edition

You read this right. We’re having an official APOCABOX Treasure Hunt! I have buried my personal Blackbird Sk5 and Hedgehog Leatherworks sheath somewhere in the United States. This is the same exact knife I’ve used for many years. I’ve used it on all 16 episodes of FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS, taught 100s of survival courses with it and have taken it on many personal hunting, fishing and camping trips. It has served me well in the field and is just as good now as the day I first hung it from my side. Now, it will go to the person who deciphers the enclosed poem of clues that leads exactly to where I have hidden it! For authenticity, I have signed the handle of the knife and also the back of the sheath.

June 2015 List of Contents


I don’t know that I would consider you a true survivalist unless you’ve eaten at least 1 bug. The cricket is a great place to start! Did you know that many insects have just as much protein as beef when compared pound for pound?! Here are 4 RULES when it comes to eating insects in the wild: 1) Don’t eat anything brightly colored. 2) In general, stay away from really hairy or bristly insects. 3) Avoid insects that STINK! 4) Cook all insects because some insects harbor harmful parasites. By the way – these CRICK-ETTES make a great party snack while watching Season 2 of FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS!


Your knowledge base item this month is the BERRY FINDER. No matter where you live in the world, this guide can be useful. Even though it’s printed in Black and White with line art drawings, this is one of the best small fleshy fruit guides I have ever read. It will help you identify plants with fleshy fruits found mainly in the eastern woodlands of the US but many of these plants exist in tons of other areas, including America’s west, Canada and Europe. Tis the season for BERRY HUNTING. Be sure to read the manuals safety guidelines!

PURINIZE: $15.95

Purinize is an ALL NATURAL water purification solution. It strips away contaminants from the water molecule, making them insoluble. Its proprietary formulation of complex mineral (electrolyte) salts results in a powerful sterilizing reagent. This reagent is harmless to the body and capable of producing safe, clean drinking water from the rain, a pond, swamp, lake, or any other freshwater source, without using toxic chemicals. This product is a great alternative to other chemical purifiers such as Iodine or Chlorine. For details and a great product video visit: http://www.purinize.com/pages/explainer-video

Creek’’s “”REWILD” BANDANA : $6

Made in one of the last remaining USA based textile manufacturing facilities, this 100% Carolina cotton bandana has hundreds of survival functions. As you know, I am a huge fan of scarves, bandanas and neck coverings. If you can control the temperature of your neck you can almost control the temperature of your entire body. Use it to insulate your neck in the winter or wet it in summer months to cool the pulse points in your neck and help cool your body. And besides, it just looks cool! For those of you who made CHAR CLOTH in last month’s APOCABOX, this bandana makes a perfect char cloth material in a survival scenario. Post pictures of you wearing this bandana on INSTRAGRAM with #APOCABOX.


I am really proud to be one of the 1st outlets to release INSTANT BOWSTRING. I believe it is truly one of the most useful and unique survival products to hit the market in a long time and you are officially the 1st to see it. Not only can INSTANT BOW STRING be twisted into a fully functional bow string but it has 100s of other uses as well. The enclosed plastic strap ties and gear repair needles extend uses even further. IBS can be stripped all the way down to a 40 lb sewing thread or fishing line or can be used as is with a 700 lb tensile strength. It is also flammable. Use your knife to scrape up the fibers and ignite with sparks or a match. Paracord gets a lot of praise in the survival community but this stuff is equally as multifunctional. Watch the following video filmed by the creator to see how to use it as a bow string: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSBy7kJEZF4

NOTE: I’ll be including a companion piece to IBS in next month’s APOCABOX that I know you will love!!!


This month’s handmade item is something that took a lot of negotiating on my part. I’ve long been inspired by the survival and bushcraft skills that have developed in the Scandinavian countries such as Finland and Sweden. The enclosed hand tooled wooden cup, called a Kuksa, is of Scandinavian design and has been used by peoples in those areas for many generations. If well taken care of, your Kuksa should last a lifetime. It’s perfect for 1 cup meals of soup or broth but was originally used as a drinking cup for water, tea and coffee. Add a leather leash and hang a little Scandinavian history from your pack next time you head out into the woods. Rinse with water and rub on a little olive oil or mineral oil every now and then for protection. Post pictures of your Kuksa slung on your pack on INSTAGRAM using #APOCABOX.


One of the FAT GUYS (Thanks Jim!) from Season 2 actually introduced me to this product after filming in the swamp together. He asked to see my BLACKBIRD and then whipped out his Speedy Sharp and put a shaving edge back on it in about 20 seconds. I was so impressed that I contacted the company the very next week and arranged to have enough made for this APOCABOX. It’s carbide edge does fantastic work at ‘peeling the steel’ and putting an edge back on almost any blade – even tough stainless steel! I’ve added one to my personal Bug Out Bag and LOVE IT! Watch the tutorial on their web-site here: http://www.speedysharp.com/


For those of you who prefer a more natural sharpener, I’ve also included a small Arkansas field stone. This stone is mined from the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas USA and is composed of a microcrystalline quartz called Novaculite. But that’s not all. Many years ago, a student at one of my courses showed me his field stone which he had cut grooves into the ends using a hack-saw. He used these grooves to tie the small field stone to a log using dental floss – making is much safer and more efficient to use. I loved the idea and have never forgotten it. I negotiated with the manufacturer of these stones to hand notch each of the whet stones included in this months APOCABOX. Here is a link to a video I filmed about how to tie it down: http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/apocabox-notched-arkansas-sandstone/


What’s the 1st RULE when you find yourself in a Sudden and Unexpected Survival Scenario? KEEP CALM! Hopefully this morale patch will remind you to do just that. This is the 1st patch in the series that is velcro backed. It can also be sewn on. Just slap it on your pack or jacket and head for the hills!


There’s a little ninja in all of us survival types, right? The Wallet Ninja is one of the lowest profile wallet tools I’ve seen on the market. I carry one in my own wallet. It has 18 tools and I’ve used many of them in a pinch. And, it’s even TSA approved. I’ve added 2 more uses for a total of 20. I actually filed down one of the edges of mine so that it can be used as a crude knife if necessary. With a little practice you can do amazing things with just a small 1 inch steel blade. I’ve whipped up a bow drill kit and carved snares with mine just to know that I can. Lastly (and ironically), it makes a really mean ninja throwing star. I can stick mine in a tree from 25 yards away. Can you land a squirrel or rabbit? Hmmmmm…


How to start a solar fire using a trash bottle filled with water

 If you are serious about learning survival fire starting skills then this skill (in my humble opinion) is one that you must master.

 Harnessing the power of the sun to start a fire is at the top of my fire starting favorites. Trash bottles can be found in even the most remote places on planet earth. Understanding what types of water filled bottles can effectively converge sun rays to create an ember is very important but understanding what types of tinders respond to solar ignition is CRITICAL. This is a survival skill ONLY mastered through practice and experience.

 This is a skill best taught by video so I have filmed a short video tutorial for APOCABOX subscribers only.




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