February 2017

February 2017

This  Month’s  Theme

IGNIS is Latin for FIRE – the most important survival skill!  This box is all about fire.  We spent months developing unique fire starting tools like you’ve never seen before!  Watch this month’s skills videos at http://www.myapocabox.com/feb-2017-vids/

February 2017 List of Contents


When it comes to ferro rods, bigger is always better! There is so much to say about this beast that I don’t even know where to begin. These were all custom made just for IGNIS box subscribers! First, at ½” x 5” in size, it will literally see you through you a lifetime (and beyond) of fire making. I feel comfortable in saying that this is the last ferro rod you will ever need. Second, the rod is fitted with an ergonomic hand grip carved from a recycled white oak whiskey barrel stave. The handle has been dipped in a hot paraffin bath to weather proof it. Third, you’ll notice the recessed high-power magnet in the handle! I’ve never seen anything like this before. This magnet holds the mini striker, which can be used from several different angles. It also has a lanyard hole if you choose to stow it that way. Even if you decide to attach a larger striker to the whiskey handle lanyard, the recessed mini is a great back-up striker. Note: In order to really get sparks from the ferro rod, you must first scrape away the black coating to reveal the metal striking surface. See me use this ferro rod at http://www.myapocabox.com/feb-2017-vids/


This creative idea comes from a friend and fellow APOCABOX subscriber. He actually showed this idea to me at an Escape the Woods event last fall and I thought it was so creative I had to include it in this box. Not only is this item a back scratcher, but it’s also the FIRE SCRATCHER! When you remove the rubber grip (simply slide it off), the scratcher can be extended to make an awesome fire bellows that you can use to blow air with pinpoint accuracy into the fire. The little metal hand on the end also makes a perfect tool for reaching into the fire and adjusting cookware, coals, or sticks. This lightweight and multifunctional tool makes a very unique addition to your existing fire kit!


One of my goals for this box was to assemble a unique, one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality flint and steel kit for each subscriber. I worked closely with Reptile Toolworks of Kentucky to design the most unique flint striker I’ve ever seen. It has a small recycled whiskey barrel handle, which has been riveted securely onto the rock hard striking steel. I’ve found this striker to be very comfortable (even for beginners) and very effective at delivering sparks. The large chunk of flint I’ve enclosed is Texas Flint and is a proven winner for use with a flint and steel kit. The large chunk of rope included in your kit is made from 100% cotton and makes for a VERY unique char rope that I’m willing to bet none of you have used before! It’s actually furniture and upholstery piping that I purchased in bulk from Hobby Lobby. It’s available at most fabric stores and makes for the fattest, most awesome char material I’ve ever used. Please watch the video at the following link where I show you how to char this rope and use the flint and steel kit to make a fire: http://www.myapocabox.com/feb-2017-vids


Many of you already know that my favorite method of starting fires is solar – converging the sun’s rays. I carry a business card Fresnel lens in my wallet and one under each sole of my boots. But I have to admit, there is nothing quite as fun as using this mega size Fresnel lens to light stuff on fire. It easily slips into the back of your pack or bug out bag and has a much larger surface area for capturing sun rays and forcing them to converge into a blazing hot focal point. I know you’ll enjoying playing with this as much as I do.


The Pocket Wick is a wax infused hemp string. When you take a piece of this stuff and process it with your fingers, you have an excellent fire tinder that can be lit with a single spark. It is also a great alternative to messy petroleum jelly cotton balls. You can wrap gear and tool handles with it, so you always have some on hand. It also makes a great wick for improvised lamps. Show us what you do with your Pocket Wick and tag us on Instagram with #APOCABOX!


Fire is unquestionably your most important resource in the wild. And these days, everyone is looking for gear or materials that are lighter and more portable. I present to you an assortment of what I like to call Tinder Tubes. These tubes are great for keeping those perfect, smoldering tinders you love so much dry and safe within the confines of your bug out bag. Hint: The smallest tube makes great housing for the repair needles included in December’s Taiga APOCABOX. Get creative with these and find your own uses for them if you like. Tag us on INSTAGRAM with #APOCABOX so we can see!


Another item I bet you’ve never seen (because we made these exclusively for APOCABOX subscribers) are FIRE CHUCKS. These fire chucks work similarly to the chuck of an electric drill, allowing you to change out multiple “bits” for creating friction fires. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a spindle that is long enough for a hand drill or bow drill (not to mention the spindle must be completely dry and of the perfect friction wood material). Now, you should have no worries! The upper part of the spindle can be made from any straight wood and the lower “NUB” that drills against the hearth board can be made from the good stuff. Simply carve the bottom of the upper portion and the top of the lower nub to be square so they fit snugly in each side of the aluminum chuck and you’re good to start drilling. I’ve included 2 sizes – the smaller one is for hand drill and the larger one is for bow drill. See them in action at: http://www.myapocabox.com/feb-2017-vids


There are so many skills challenges in this box I don’t even know where to begin.

First, I want you to use the tin in your flint and steel kit to char that huge piece of cotton furniture piping.  Note – you don’t have to poke a hole in the tin for charring because the lid isn’t a perfect seal.

Second, I want you to make a fire using your flint and steel kit.

Third, I want you to at least experiment with the Friction Fire Chucks!

Lastly, find a way to incorporate the Tinder Tubes into your existing fire kit!

Watch the videos at the link below where I demonstrate how to use these items!


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