December 2017

December 2017

Tool & Maintenance

The theme this month is TOOL & TOOL MAINTENANCE. If you take care of your tools, they will take care of you. Enclosed is an assortment of quality items to help build out your Tool Maintenance Kit. Also included is an APOCABOX KIT KNIFE, which will be a valuable addition to your tool assortment.

Decembert 2017 List of Contents


This 11×17 protective mat is perfect to use when maintaining or sharpening your tools indoors. It’s designed to protect your desk, kitchen table, or any other surface from getting scratched or dirty. This mat also functions as a unique knife education tool. It teaches about different knife parts and blade styles. If using a bench stone that slides when sharpening, simply flip over the mat to the rubbery grip side and the bench stone won’t budge an inch.


This pocket sized multi-functional knife sharpener is the perfect compact sharpener for your maintenance field kit. Leave your big heavy bench stones at home and cut space, as well as weight with this little tool. The diamond bar is great for honing blades (even serrated ones). The carbide “V” is perfect for quick touch-ups and puts an impressive edge on dull knives. The ceramic “V” is designed to put on a finishing edge and should be used regularly to keep your knife’s edge in tip-top shape.


This rugged zipper pouch is perfect for all of the tool maintenance/repair items you’ll need in the field. Truth be told, it’s perfect for just about anything you want to put in it! It’s red coloring makes it easy to find in your pack, and you can roll it up or fold it flat for easy storage in a side pocket of your bug out bag.


This strop will put amazing finishing touches on your newly crafted kit knife. In conjunction with the diamond paste, this strop will allow you to get your blade perfectly straightened and honed to a razor-sharp edge, after some preliminary sharpening. If you aren’t entirely familiar with how to use a strop, stay tuned for Creek’s upcoming live webinar on utilizing the strop and some other implements from this box.


This 5-gram tube of abrasive diamond paste is the perfect medium to be used with your Double-Sided Bench Strop. Simply spread a small amount of this oil soluble paste on your strop leather to create a sharpening surface perfect for drawing a shaving sharp razor’s edge to an already sharp knife blade.


I (Creek) have never seen this style of sharpener before. I thought it was really unique and that’s why I included it for you to see and use. The rough grinding stone can make quick work of ragged and abused blades. Simply place the rolling sharpener on a flat solid surface and then place your knife blade between the stone and one of the rolling wheels and then push and pull the blade back and forth to roll the sharpener. This rolling action sharpens the blade.


The patch really does say it all. Work smart, not hard.


This 4 way rasp is an incredible tool that not everyone thinks to carry. It is a little heavy, but the value it brings in its ability to move through wood is incredible! This rasp will be a key part of this month’s skills challenge with the knife kit. Also, if you’re a subscriber to Creek’s Survival Skill of the Month Club (, you may want to keep this rasp handy for January’s incredible and unique survival skill. This rasp includes 4 different types of grits, from fine to coarse.


This handmade buffalo bone whistle is hand carved, compact, and (most importantly) loud! It’s dual ended, so it’s really two whistles in one. Each end sounds a different pitch. This is a great rescue tool to have amongst your gear. Get creative and use a leather strap or some paracord to make it into a necklace! This is a whistle for those who appreciate quality and craftsmanship using natural mediums.


Your challenge/project this month is to finish the enclosed APOCABOX KIT KNIFE. The finishing process will involve THREE stages!

  • First, you have to use the enclosed 4-way rasp to shape the beech handles to your liking.
  • Second, you’ll need to heat and form the Kydex sheath to fit the blade.
  • Third, you have to use the tools in your kit to do the final sharpening of the knife!

Below is a video link where I walk through every step in detail: XXXXX

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