December 2015

December 2015

Many subscribers are claiming this is best box yet!  December 2015 marks the 1st box of a 4 box series called the Aboriginal Tool Shop.  Each box will contain a hand forged survival edged tool that, collectively, will handle almost any wood related survival job you can imagine.  This box contains the Willow Leaf Crooked Knife for carving depressions.  A spoon blank was included as a special project.  The skills challenge this month is a Pine Pitch Glue Kit, also included.  This box is packed with hands on activities for survivalists of all experience levels.

December 2015 List of Contents


TOOL #1 in the AWS series is the Willow Leaf Knife. When Reptile Toolworks in KY, USA agreed to hand forge their Willow Leaf Knife from high carbon steel for APOCABOX subscribers I couldn’t sign the paperwork fast enough. This is truly one of the most unique bushcraft blades I’ve ever used. The curved willow leaf shape is ideal for carving depressions, such as those in wooden spoons and kuksas. This function is just not possible with traditional straight edge blades. Included with your tool is not only instructions for care and use but also your 1st carving project – A SPOON. This hand carved spoon would make a great holiday gift for someone special! I have filmed a carving tutorial using the Willow Leaf Knife and the enclosed spoon blank to help you get started. Find that video here:


Decorate your favorite pack or jacket with this colorful velcro NOT IF BUT WHEN patch. The mountains are calling!


I’ve used a Pocket Notebook for as long as I can remember. My SMARTPHONE will never replace the feeling of putting pen to paper. I attribute much of my productivity to the notes I continually make in my pocket notebook and I have several shoe boxes stuffed with ones I’ve filled over the years. A small notebook should also be packed in every Bug Out Bag. You never know when you’ll need to record information or leave a note. TIP: Use graphite pencil led to reduce friction in your Bow Drill bearing block!


The Handy Hankie is an APOCABOX exclusive item. Everyone knows that bandanas are multifunctional survival products. The Handy Hankie takes this to a new level entirely. We’ve sewn 2 bandanas together and created a cordage channel to add even more functions. Now, it can be a true head and face covering, a pillow, a foraging pack, a bear bag and the list goes on and on. We’ve even included a length of Instant Bowstring to use as the drawstring. The possibilities are endless with this light-weight ‘possibles’ bag.


Let’s face it – if you’re ever in a survival scenario, you’re probably going to have to eat bugs. Practice makes perfect so I’ve enclosed a candy sucker with some FREE any protein! That’s right – those are real ants mixed in with the sugary goodness. You’re welcome!

“Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory.” – Jack London


This is one of the most functional splint designs on the market and can be used to immobilize or protect almost any broken or injured limb – from fingers to legs. The foam wrapped aluminum can be molded to fit any need. Smaller finger splints can be cut out if necessary. You can secure the splint with cordage, medical tape or even duct tape. It rolls compact to fit in almost an First Aid Kit (FAK) or Bug Out Bag. Never Bug Out without one!


When it comes to Natural Tinder, it doesn’t get much better than Dragonfire’s hand-sourced, hand-prepared and hand-packed extreme tinder pouch. This durable waterproof pouch is filled with all of natures flammable goodness – no two bags are alike. From cattail down and birch bark to apple wood chips and chaga fungus, this pouch is all you need to get a fire going quick – no matter what the weather conditions. Use just a pinch for some extra fire help or use the entire bag in extreme survival. Trust me, you will not be disappointed in this hand sourced tinder from America’s north woods. The durable aluminum bag has multiple survival functions as well!


This MADE IN THE USA knot tying kit can be played as a game or used for reference. Learn new knots or practice ones you don’t use that often. Knot-tying is a part of almost every one of my survival courses and I consider it basic knowledge that every woodsman or woodswoman should possess.


See Skills Challenge Information Below


To test your glue I have included components to make your own Ferro Rod with a Pine Fatwood Handle. In the video above I show 3 different ways to use your glue to make it but the most effective is to drill a hole in the end of the fatwood stick with a 3/16” bit and glue the ferro rod (the black rod inside the red plastic bag) in place with your pine pitch glue. Then you can carve the fatwood handle to the length, size and shape you want. Fatwood is extremely flammable so now you have your fire starter & your tinder all in one tool! Watch the video to see how I use it.

The CR///EK Necker!

I’m a huge fan of the Christmas season. I thought and thought about what I could give APOCABOX subscribers for Christmas this season to say THANK YOU for subscribing. I decided to keep with what I love and include a custom printed SEAMLESS Multifunctional Tube Scarf. I wear some kind of neck covering almost always during cold weather. Not only does it insulate the neck and warm your entire body but they have many other practical uses. Enjoy this CR///EK logo scarf on your next adventure and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Pine Pitch Glue is one of the coolest survival skills I know. I decided this month to create a custom Pine Pitch Glue Kit so that you can make your own and master this skill using controlled and pregathered ingredients. This kit has everything you need to make your own natural pine pitch epoxy. Once you understand how to make this glue using the kit you can then transfer these skills into the wild and make it using all self-scavenged materials!

Skills challenge video link and template downloads:  SORRY – for APOCABOX Subscribers ONLY!



Check out this month’s UNBOXING video by ULTIMATE SURVIVAL TIPS!