December 2014

December 2014

This month’s box has a small game hunting and fishing theme.  There are actually 3 hand-made items in this box – The Piddly Stik, Rock Chucker Slingshot bands and The Speedhook.

The survival hunting and fishing kit in this box can make a huge difference in any survival scenario – short or long term.  Each are designed to be small, lightweight, low profile and effective.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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December 2014 List of Contents

Fingerless wool gloves : $12

I love these gloves. I’ve used the same pair of these for several years and they never fail me. 70% wool for warmth, 30% nylon for strength and durability. These are knitted right here in the USA and are a one size fit. I know they will serve you well. Wool maintains much of it’s insulating properties even when soaking wet and I’m sure these gloves will be a great addition to any survival stash you may have.


For those of you who have been to Willow Haven you know that I have these hanging all over the place. I love these cards! This is a great knowledge base resource for brushing up on 14 knots that every survivalist should know.

YO-YO survival fish snare: $4.50

This is one of the best and most reliable automatic fishing snares I’ve ever used. The model I’ve chosen for you is a ‘flat-trigger’ model. This is advantageous because it requires a lighter trigger pull to activate and it’s less likely to be damaged in a kit or Bug Out Bag. This yo-yo reel can passively fish while you address other more urgent survival priorities such as shelter and fire. This makes a great addition to your survival foraging/trapping kit.


It’s hard to put a price on such a valuable survival item. Decorate your pack or favorite survival jacket with this one-time issue APOCABOX logo patch. You can sew it on or heat-seal it using a home iron on COTTON setting for 30-60 seconds. Heat-seal on cotton only.

Survival Speed Hook: $6.95

The Speedhook is one of my favorite survival kit items. Few people have ever heard of it. It’s specifically designed for survival applications. In fact, it’s so effective, it is outlawed for non-survival use in some areas. This small device is used for fishing and trapping when no food is readily available. The Speedhook works like a spring loaded trap and when a fish, or other small animal, “takes the bait”, it automatically springs open setting the hook. This is the same great Speedhook device as the one included in the military fishing and trapping kit. No fishing pole is required. All Speedhooks are hand-assembled in America with American made products. Check your local laws before using. *Speedhook is Illegal to use in Minnesota.


If you haven’t notived yet, this month’s box has a bit of a survival fishing theme. I’m really excited about introducing you to the Piddly Stik. I’m very excited to have struck a wholesale deal with the inventor of this product, Tim Rohrer. I’ve seen many hand fishing reels in my days but never one as unique (and quality) as the Piddly Stik. The Piddly Stik is a compact, hand-line fishing system designed specifically to tuck away into tight places – like your BUG OUT BAG. The ability to actively and effectively fish in a survival scenario is a HUGE advantage and the Piddly Stik makes this possible. All of the components of the Piddly Stik are cut, drilled, calibrated, branded and assembled in Tim’s small shop located in Bend, OR. Your Piddly Stik kit includes 1 Piddly Stik, 1 “rod” tube for storing and transporting, 3 tackle tubes, and instructions for attaching line. Although this product was a little pricey to purchase for the box and consequently reduced the number of items I could afford to put in it this month, I believe it’s worth it. Having a good, quality reliable hand fishing reel in your Bug Out Bag is truly priceless. More info at


These bees wax power packed tinder torches are waterproof and will burn for 3+ minutes. These are MADE IN THE USA, are non-toxic and also only use organic dyes, oils and waxes. These 100% cotton fuses have been pressure infused with long burning beeswax and olive oil based, low flash temperature waterproofing formula. These will light with just a spark – pull apart to expose small fibers.


These are hand-cut and assembled by one of the leading sling shot afficionados in the business – Nathan Masters of This is truly a survival-minded set of sling shot bands. They are powerful, accurate and UV resistant. The top grain cowhide leather pouch is designed to accept a variety of scavenged ammunition; including rocks, metal scraps, hex nuts and chunks of rebar. In this month’s Survival Skills Challenge I teach you how to source a natural tree fork and fasten these bands to make an excellent small game hunting survival sling shot.

1/4” STEEL SHOT: $6

This 250 count pack of 1/4” steel shot is the perfect training ammo for your new homemade sling shot. Whether for small game hunting or target practice, this machined ammunition is perfect for honing your technique, stealth and aim.


Sourcing  a  natural  sling  shot  FORK &  attaching  bands

Being resourceful is one of your most important survival skills. This month’s Survival Skills Challenge is all about resourcefulness.  I’ve provided you with an awesome set of ROCK CHUCKER sling-shot bands. It’s your job to source a natural tree fork and build a survival sling-shot. Don’t worry, I teach you how!

This is a skill best taught by video so I have filmed a short video tutorial for APOCABOX subscribers. 




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