August 2015

August 2015

This month’s box is filled with an eclectic variety of supplies – from gear repair items to first aid, and of course a cutting tool.  In the constant struggle to find unique survival and preparedness gear, this box offers even the experienced survivalist a few surprises!  The knife this month is a John Russell Sheath Knife and harkens to the 1800s when this style first appeared.  The skills challenge is to make a sheath for this knife using one of four downloadable templates.

One items were especially proud of is the APOCABOX exclusive DAY ZERO SURVIVAL BOW GUIDE which walks our subscribers through six different survival bows in varying degrees of difficulty.  This illustrated guide is incredibly unique and compiled to two primitive archery experts.

August 2015 List of Contents

iSHWASH Personal eyewash: $12.99

Eye care is an often overlooked first aid category in survival. The ability to effectively flush your eye in the field or during a Bug Out can make the difference between staying put or moving forward. The iSHWASH is a compact eye flushing device that easily screws onto almost any run of the mill water bottle. Add it to your Bug Out First Aid Kit or any emergency kit you pack for survival.


One of my favorite movies is THE BOOK OF ELI. There is a scene in that movie when the main character (Denzel Washington) trades some Kentucky Fried Chicken wet wipes for a battery charge. The scarcity of water made even those tiny hand wipes a valuable bartering currency. Inspired by that scene, I found some incredible compact washing wipes that would make an excellent addition to any survival kit. Hygiene in survival is more important than most people realize. 1 wipe is for your face, neck, armpits and feet (in that order). The second is for the unmentionables (front to back).


This I HEART KNIVES PVC velcro patch is an APOCABOX original. Slap it on your favorite pack or jacket for all to see.


Your knowledge base item this month is a never seen before illustrated survival bow making guide. This guide introduces the beginner to 6 bows of increasing difficulty and contruction of arrows and quivers with basic tools. The knowledge to build an improvised survival bow is very valuable. A good bow can be used for both hunting and self defense. One of my favorites in this guide is the pallet bow – made from an old shipping pallet! You won’t find this guide anywhere else – it’s seen for the 1st time in this APOCABOX and was created by 2 incredibly experienced men in the field of primitive archery.


This paracord pack leash is designed as a keeper for something you want to easily find in your pack. Whether this be your car keys, your fire kit or your FAK, this leash not only adds extra cordage to your pack but makes that one thing very easy to find. Just clip it or thread it on inside keeper loops and you always know where it’s at. It also makes a great keychain. I’ve even used mine to hang a pot to boil over the fire. The snap clip holds almost any pot bail perfectly.


Manufactured by one of the oldest knife companies in the USA, this Russell Sheath Knife oozes history. With a classic 1800’s mountain man design, this simple but effective blade is perfect for any camp chore you can throw at it. From carving traps and triggers to skinning, cleaning and preparing wild game and fish, this design has passed the test of time by thousands of outdoors men and women before us. It features a true high carbon steel blade with a beech wood handle and brass rivets. One thing you’ll notice it DOES NOT have is a sheath. This is on purpose. Your APOCABOX Skills Challenge this month is to build your own sheath from improvised materials. See the SKILLS CHALLENGE line item for more details.


I was so impressed when I first saw this card that I knew I had to strike a deal for APOCABOX subscribers. I cannot believe how many awesome survival tools are packed into this tiny, lightweight wilderness survival card. The compact hooks alone are incredible but when you add in other items like tweezers, a frog/fish gig, snare locks and arrow heads, this card is just plain awesome. It fits perfectly in mini tins or in your wallet. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, something like this comes along. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


GID Paracord has tons of benefits. Not only does it make for great bracelets, necklaces, lanyards and leashes but it’s awesome to use as tent or hammock guy-lines. Inevitably, a trip to the bathroom ends up being an actual TRIP over a canopy guy-line. GID paracord makes it so that these lines are visible in low light or night time conditions. GID paracord can also make excellent night time trail markers or zipper pulls to quickly find zippers or kits at night. A few wraps around your flashlight or water bottle make them easy to locate in the middle of even the darkest nights.


Gear repair is an unfortunate fact of survival. Whether sewing up a torn tarp, tacking a boot sole in place or reinforcing a backpack strap, it’s important to have a plan in place and the tools necessary to execute that repair plan. One of the best and most flexible repair tools I’ve ever used is the Speedy Stitcher Awl. This all-in-one tool can be used to sew any heavy fabric. You can also use this tool to complete this month’s “Improvised Knife Sheath” challenge. For a great video tutorial, see this link:


Make an improvised sheath for the John Russell Sheath Knife

 Sometimes in survival you have to use what you have to get what you need.  The ability to make your own gear is a critical survival skill.  This month I will teach you how to make 4 distinct improvised knife sheaths from found or scavenged items and very basic improvised tools.  All of the templates and instructions are based on the JOHN RUSSELL SHEATH KNIFE included in this APOCABOX.   Ultimately, you will need to choose a sheath style that speaks to you and make it to complete the challenge.  Some of the styles require use of the Speedy Stitcher Awl, also included in this month’s box. 

Skills challenge video link and template downloads:  SORRY – for APOCABOX Subscribers ONLY!



This is an actual subscriber video review by Jake Baumgart.  Take a look!