August 2014

Wow – what a box this turned out to be!  The amount of work that went into hand-crafting this many Bow Drill Kits was insane.  The custom one-of-a-kind hand painted bows turned out amazing.

This box includes several of my personal favorite kit items and I hope they will earn a place in your pack as well.  Now it’s time to get out in the dirt and use them!  ENJOY!

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August 2014 List of Contents


This Bow Drill Kit was hand carved exclusively for subscribers to the August 2014 APOCABOX. My Uncle Jerry hand cut the bow from Tulip Poplar and my family and I hand painted each one. Included in the kit is a hand carved Basswood spindle, a hand split Basswood hearth board, a machined hearth board, a river rock bearing block, some Jute Twine for a tinder bundle and a custom cut hand painted Tulip Poplar bow. A lot of work has gone into making this one of a kind keepsake friction fire set and I hope you will enjoy it for years to come. I have already busted out an ember with your kit to make sure everything works as it should.


I love these knives. They are truly one of the best all around camp knives available. The carbon steel blade is razor sharp and easy to keep sharp. The redwood handle is both durable and natural. I usually wear this knife as a neck knife with a piece of paracord threaded through the sheath. Made in Sweden.


Hand shaved from the finest resin rich wood available, Hagwood Gold is harvested in the swamps of South Florida and burns longer and hotter than any other fatwood that I’ve personally used. Each chunk of pine fatwood is hand selected for its resin content. This GOLD will start with just a spark and is an excellent addition to any Bug Out Bag or survival kit. It is also waterproof.


This tin is the same size as an Altoids tin and makes the perfect mini container for a survival kit. Use it to build a small pocket kit. Suggested kit items are zip lock bags, water purification tablets, wire or dental floss, fire striker or matches, HAGWOOD Gold, mini compass and some duct tape. The stainless gig and arrow points fit perfectly inside.


When it comes to putting food on the table, it’s all about the small critters. The razor sharp stainless gig can be lashed to a pole and used as a fish or frog gig. The individual arrow points can be used as arrowheads or spearheads for survival hunting. What’s best is that all of these pieces fit perfectly in the bottom of a mini kit container. Add in other survival items to round out your kit. It’s also a great addition to your Bug Out Bag or Glove Box Kit. I love super lightweight and compact hunting tools.


Survival tool? No, not really. This is just to make other people jealous.


When it comes to protecting and waterproofing leather goods and boots, SNO-SEAL gets the job done. It’s natural so it doesn’t break down the leather like a lot of other oils and animal fats. I’ve even used it on chapped skin before. I’ve also used it on canvas shoes and backpacks as well. It is an excellent all around weather protector and a smart addition to the survival storage closet. Gear maintenance is often an overlooked part of survival and preparation. This tub should last you for years to come.

Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle : $17

I’ve enclosed a copy of my latest book, Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle. I’ve also added a personalized autograph for you. Whether you’ve already got a BOV or are thinking about outfitting one, this manual covers all of the bases. I hope you enjoy it.


Lightweight food supplement with long shelf life. 335 calories, 25 grams protein, 52.5 grams carbs and 5 grams fat. Simply mix with water and drink like a shake. Perfect for a Bug Out Bag, mini-kit or glove box kit. Very practical food alternative/supplement for Bug Out Scenarios.

36×20 Survival Marker Panel : $7

Many people overlook this important piece of kit. It is made from lightweight, water repellent nylon. I just recently added one of these to my own Bug Out Bag. This is a multi-fuctional item that can be used as a signaling rescue panel or stripped for high visibility trail markers. Other uses include: food prep cloth, ground cloth, panel to help water proof a shelter or water collector. Your creativity is the limit.


This is a pretty unique little EDC gadget called a Permanent Match. To use, unscrew the metal match out of the tube. Strike the end of the ‘match’ upwards on the ferrocerium rod along the side of the tubular case. The sparks will ignite the fuel soaked fiber wick. Wicks can be replaced or lengthened by pulling out the small metal striking tip. More lighter fuel can also be added to the reservoir if necessary. Even if you run out of fuel you still have a great little ferro rod that will shower sparks into tinder. Extinguish the flame before inserting the match back into the reservoir.

House of jerky beef jerky : $6

One of my favorite camping meals is ramen noodles with some beef jerky. This jerky is made fresh – sliced from premium whole top round steak. It is made fresh with no preservatives or MSG added. The long shelf life also makes this a great BOB item.



Even if you’ve already been successful using a Bow Drill Friction Set to make fire, this is certainly a skill that can use continued practice.

The challenge is for you to use the Bow Drill set enclosed in your APOCABOX to make fire! I’ve included everything you need to get the job done.

This is a skill best taught by video so I have filmed a short video tutorial exclusively for APOCABOX subscribers. The link to the video is below. Share your SKILLS CHALLENGE on INSTAGRAM using #APOCABOX. Our web-site has a live Instagram feed so that you can see what others are doing as well.

VIDEO LINK:  For APOCABOX subscribers only.



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Thanks David for the great review!!!  Awesome job with the Survival Skills Challenge!



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