April 2015

April 2015

This month’s box is certainly a collection of some of my favorite survival tools (and skills).  It doesn’t have a particular theme but rather includes several items from a variety of survival categories that I think you will use quite a bit.  ENJOY!  PS – Be sure to tag any INSTAGRAM photos with #APOCABOX so we can all keep track!  See the live feed below to look through other subscriber photos.

April 2015 List of Contents


First used by the US Air Force during World War II, this survival kit includes one each 0S-30 & 00S-20 standard snares designed to capture small game such as squirrel, weasel, marten and other climbing animals. They are also good for snaring grouse, rabbits or woodchucks. These snares are the ultimate in small snare construction and efficiency. An instruction sheet and tie wire are also included. These are handmade in America in Missouri. These are a perfect addition to any survival or Bug Out foraging kit and are proven effective in the field by myself and many before me.


Your knowledge base item this month is the Vol 36 No 3 issue of BACKWOODSMAN Magazine. If you’re not familiar, BACKWOODSMAN is an excellent source of information regarding survival, homesteading, woodslore, self-reliance and primitive living skills. I had the pleasure of meeting with the Associate Publisher, Charlie Richie Jr., for a feature article this month and discovered first hand his passion and enthusiasm for these subjects. Many of the articles are written by readers of the magazine and I’ve found it to be an excellent and reliable source of very practical information.


Hand packed by URBAN FARMER SEEDS, the APOCASEED VAULT is a mini-portable fresh packed seed kit with a 3+ year shelf life. Store in a cool basement or freezer to extend shelf life extensively. All seeds are open pollinated, heirloom vegetable seeds. Pack includes: 20+ Sugar Ann Pea, 20+ Blue Lake Bush Bean, 20+ Early Golden Bantam, 10+ California Wonder Pepper, 10+ Brandywine Tomato and 10+ Muncher Cucumber. All seeds from these vegetables can be dried and reused for future plantings.


I am a long time fan of knives with Scandinavian roots. Kellam is one of those brands. The Kellam Camp Knife is one of my go to knives because of its utilitarian design and sheer functionality. This knife has a rugged, useful blade that will last a lifetime. It is razor sharp. The blade is made of durable Carbon Steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 56-57. The knife features a tempered plastic handle. Innovative design of this knife features the ambidextrous sheath for convenience. Certificate of Origin enclosed.


I’m always looking for BIG TOOLS that come in SMALL PACKAGES. The Light Cube Xtreme is one of my new favorites. This little 9-volt powered flashlight is a powerhouse and makes for an excellent back-up light to a Bug Out Bag or vehicle kit. It’s also tiny enough to fit in most small survival kits. It has 2 lighting modes to save battery life and a really convenient on/off switch. I think the design is genius and hope you do too!


APOCABANDS are a modern twist on the time tested RANGER BANDS. If you’re not familiar, Ranger Bands are made from cutting sections of bicycle inner tube. They’ve been used for everything from strapping kit items on knife sheaths to silencing key rings. Your creativity is the limit when it comes to deploying APOCABANDS. Use them to organize Bug Out Gear, keep containers closed or even as small game snare triggers. Made in the USA from durable elastic rubber, these bands will provide you with years of hard use.


I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in Survival Skills. Learning survival skills is MAKING YOUR OWN LUCK. This patch is a reminder to do just that! You can sew this patch on or heat-seal it using a home iron on COTTON setting for 30-60 seconds. Heat-seal on cotton only. Next month, patches will come with velcro backing.


This char cloth kit is enclosed as a companion piece to your Survival Skills Challenge this month. Because I am a fan of all things MANLY, I have custom designed the manliest flint striker I could think of – the MUSTACHE striker. This striker has been laser cut from high carbon steel and then heat treated to a Rockwell Hardness of 60-62. It will throw some mad sparks from any piece of flint, chert, obsidian or similar rock that you can find. I’ve enclosed a hand-made flint arrowhead as your kit’s piece of flint. Included also in this kit is a metal pocket tin, some squares of 100% cotton and some jute natural fiber cord. See the SKILLS CHALLENGE Sheet and Video to learn how to make CHAR CLOTH using your kit.


As many of you know, I love scarves. In fact, I am a scarf connoisseur. This 100% cotton 42”x42” scarf is one of the most useful survival products I have ever owned. I’m a huge fan of the red/black buffalo check and this is the closest I could find to that pattern. In fact, I’ll be wearing this exact scarf in an upcoming Season 2 episode of FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS, which starts airing June 7th on The Weather Channel. I’ve used these for pillows, arm slings, towels, head wraps, neck gators, tablecloths, backpacks and YES – even to make CHAR CLOTH! I have one of these guys packed in all of my survival kits and Bug Out Bags. It’s one of those “don’t leave home without it” items.

Paracord Wrapped FISHING KIT: $8

This compact survival fishing kit has everything you need to catch, clean and cook a survival meal on the go. It comes complete with fishing line, hooks, sinkers, swivels, bobbers, mini-knife, cotton fire tinder and a ferro rod. It clips easily on a backpack or will fit inside almost any size survival kit. And, don’t forget the useful paracord wrap as well!


HOW TO MAKE CHAR CLOTH & Natural Charred Materials

 Much of survival is about preparing for the future. The knowledge of how to make and use Char Cloth is an exercise in preparing for FUTURE fires. Char cloth is one of the best fire starting tinders on the planet and will smolder with the tiniest of sparks. 

You’ll use your Mustache Flint Striker Kit to complete this month’s Skills Challenge, both to char the cloth AND to start the fire. 

This is a skill best taught by video so I have filmed a short video tutorial for APOCABOX subscribers.




Coming soon!